Falafel Veggie Berger is Food of Heaven!

No meat or slaughtering.. may be that's why I said heaven!! Where suppose to be the most peaceful and safe place for all.. oh that's is a big introduction for the falafel, or some people still twist the name a little and call it "felafel" but no matter how you call it, it's a great dish and sandwich should everybody try. 
It's amazingly getting popular the last few years in the Washington D.C area, and people loved it, so now you find it every where at the big/small super market. 
I cal falafel the fast food virgin of the Middle East, we grew up on falafel, remember use to eat it twice a week at least. The small little shop near the school was own by "Hael Rad" the man Hael wasn't a business type of guy, rather a carpenter as in the back of his house, he use to sell bamboo and wood lugs, but he found his gold mine -I think- by selling the falafel sandwiches and chewing gums for the nearby elementary school. I don't think he was a good cook, as his wife use to hand him the falafel ready and hot from the small little delivery window connected directly to his house. 
The genius idea of his sandwiches, that you don't have to buy the whole sandwich, you may buy a quarter of the sandwich, something to fit you allowance for the day, like "quarter of pita bread and one piece of falafel inside with parsley and tahini sauce for topping"  and you're good to go.
Falafel is completely vegetable made of garbanzo or fava beans, with selected aromatic spices, storm your appetite before you start eating. Added to the flavor the pita bread vegetable and the great tahini sauce. We will have an excellent recipe for the Falafel next week hopefully will see you then. 

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