Cauliflower and Sun Dried Yogurt

Food I make Kitchen calling for this very old dish. The recipe or the base of it, goes few hundred years in history and more! This is what originally called "Mansaf" is based on, this dish is famous at some part of the Middle- East, where you find sheep milk and yogurt. The yogurt must be dried under the month of July's sun! So the yogurt became just like a hard stone, and this what we call it "Jameed" or "Ketha".  The old time people use to live on this substance, in the winter time, and they store it throughout the year, and kept it for the time of cooking for long time of course "no fridge". Therefore the "jameed" used to be the base and the sauce for many different dishes, and the most famous among it is the "Mansaf". Rich earthy smell and taste, you will never experience any taste like it... wow!!
Now " Jameed " or "Ketha" could be found at some of the Middle-Eastern stores, However I can easily label it, as a commercial production and you know the rest. My "Jameed" is always brought as a home-made. I'm still in the process to make it locally at my "FoodImake" home and waiting for the recipe!